Monday, November 28, 2011

10 GHz Power Amplifier Alternatives

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How much power do you really need to make 10 GHz contacts? 

This depends on many factors:
  • The gain of your antenna and your aiming accuracy (both azimuth and elevation)
  • Transmission line losses (cable, connectors and relays)
  • The mode that you're using (e.g., CW, SSB, Digital, FM, etc.)
  • Your receive filtering ability
  • Your frequency accuracy and stability
  • Atmospheric conditions
  • Local terrain
  • Distant obstructions
  • Other stations capabilities 
  • The effectiveness of your liaison method 
  • Operator proficiency
  • QRM (yes, this can be a factor even on 10 GHz)
  • Luck!
However, many contacts can be made with an entry level station using only the transverter output and/or up to a 1 Watt amplifier as the effective radiated power can be up to 1 KW ERP (with a 30dB gain DSS dish antenna).

 The popular Qualcomm based 1 Watt, 10 GHz amplifier:

The popular DEMI 3 Watt, 10 GHz amplifier:

The popular DEMI 3-8PA 8 Watt, 10 GHz amplifier:

  • This amplifier is no longer available from DEMI

The DEMI "combo" transceiver and 3 Watt 10 GHz amplifier:

  • DEMI 10368-144 assembled or in kit form

Amateur radio microwave amplifier venders:

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