Thursday, December 1, 2011

10 GHz Transverter Alternatives

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A 10 GHz transverter converts RF between an IF (Intermediate Frequencies of usually 144 or 432 MHz) and 10,386 MHz. They're available in many form factors, with various power outputs, from several vendors or DIY (Do It Yourself) articles. You can check-out new or used units on Ebay and microwave oriented swapfests. Several examples are:
    10368-144 FA&T or Kit from DEMI 

     MKU 10 G3 FA&T or Kit from KUHNE

    DIY 10 GHz Transverter Projects:
    1. DIY transverter @ KO4BB
    10 GHz Transverter Comparison Table
      The Care and Feeding of 10 GHz Transverters 

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